Life & Business Coaching

I empower women from around the world to thrive personally and professionally through my coaching programmes, workshops and events, helping them create and grow a business they love. 


Life & Business Coaching


I empower women from around the world to thrive personally and professionally through my coaching and wellbeing programs, helping them find clarity, balance and joy in their everyday life.

Hi, I'm Monia

I am a Life & Business Coach and Creator of the Life Planner.
I have many passions, which feed into my mission to help women create a life and business they love with confidence.
I'm a Greek born, Swiss based mum of twins with a plan: to ignite joy, purpose, and empowerment in women around the world! I want to inspire you to pursue a life of freedom, creativity and ease.
Some of my superpowers are connecting people, sales and listening. I love everything about community, wellness and personal development.

My Journey

I worked in corporate events around the world for more than ten years, achieving many of my career goals and getting to know and embrace different cultures. I also ran my own retail business in Greece, where I originally come from.

Back in 2013, I was working at one of the world’s largest sport venues as a Sport Events Manager. I had a highly paid job, but something was missing. I wanted to have the freedom to work from wherever I wanted and felt ready to create a family; it was important to have the flexibility to design my own work schedule and have more “me time”.

The turning point for me was 2017...after having a miscarriage, I decided to quit my corporate job. My life changed in many ways when I became a mother. I now live in Zurich with my husband and twin boys.

Work with me if you want to:

Allow yourself to Dream Big


Connect with your Vision and Purpose


Create and Grow a Meaningful, Profitable, Successful Business


Build more positive relationships


Connect to what is important to you and what dreams do you want to fulfill


Work on your core values and Life Purpose and Make decisions based on that


Shift your team’s energy at work with inspiring workshop

Design the Right Foundations for your Life and Business


Work on your Core Values and Strengths and Set Goals that matter to you


Launch and Sell your Product or Service


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Create & Grow a Business you Love

The Create and Grow a Business you Love coaching program is for highly motivated, high-potential female entrepreneurs who want to make an impact.

This three-month one-on-one coaching program is filled with practical strategies and systems to help you build a meaningful, profitable, successful business.

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VIP Business Coaching Days

The VIP Business Coaching Day is an intensive five-hour one-on-one session, where we dig into all areas of your business to create an action plan to get you where you want to be. Imagine having:

  • A clear plan for the next ninety days
  • Clarity around your business purpose
  • A clear vision of what you want to achieve
  • An organized plan for how to get there
  • Confidence that you have all the tools and support you need to achieve real growth in your business
  • Feelings of positivity and empowerment about what the future holds for you and your business
  • Genuine excitement about what happens next

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Book a Strategy Call

Book a 90-min Strategy Call with me for just 190 CHF

In the call I will dig into where you are now, where you want to be and how I would help you to get there.

As soon as the payment is processed, you will receive a scheduler to book your call as well as a Workbook & Questionnaire.

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Book A Sample Session

During this session we plan how we will work together, discuss how you want me to coach you and look at what tools and structures I will bring.


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"Having known Monia many years I chose her as my life coach because I knew she would be amazing, due to her kind nature and positive energy. She always made me smile and feel motivated, even just meeting as friends. Monia has coached me a few times in my life. At first I was expecting a session with Monia where she would advise me directions to take to make my life happy. She instead taught me how to choose my own directions and grow as a person. I discovered the joy setting goals and achieving them can bring. Since taking coaching sessions, I have realised my core values in life, which has in turn, taken me back to my yoga roots and career after having a baby. It has also helped me strengthen relationships with my family.Thank you Monia, you’re an inspiration."


"1 to 1 coaching with Monia has taken my confidence and skills to a new level in my personal life, as well as for my business. She has helped me break my goals down into manageable time frames and assign actions that bring results. I now feel better equipped with the tools I need to organize my time, reflect on my goals regularly and celebrate the little wins along the way (rather than dwelling on what I haven't accomplished). Monia is a wonderful, compassionate coach who has truly helped me change my mindset for the better!"


"Working with Monia is a privilege. She is an extremely committed coach, who leads full with her heart. She is very authentic and has got a clear vision on her working style and audience. Every time after our one on one sessions on Zoom I feel energised and committed. She really has got the super power to get the best out of her clients with her assertive communication and descriptive questions. She’s a true global citizen who brings her experience to work with clients worldwide. I know when I work with Monia I’m getting the best partner and her clients get a real champion."


"Feeling a little lost in my entrepreneurship I reached out to Monia. With her positive energy and empathetic personality Monia supported me to get my goals and strengths crystal clear, both personally and professionlly. The coaching sessions and resources Monia provided were extremely valuable.I now feel empowered by clarity and confident by a solid foundation to take the next steps in both my personal growth and business development. Monia is a lovely, warm and engaging person and I can only highly recommend working with her to find clarity and balance in your life purpose.


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"Create and Grow a Business you Love"