5 Tips for Getting Motivated when you Feel Stuck

11th of October, 2022


5 Tips for Getting Motivated when you Feel Stuck ​​​​​​


1 Write down what is important to you


Not knowing what you want to do can be a little bit like finding yourself on a boat without a rudder in the middle of the ocean.

Maybe you’re feeling overwhelmed because there are so many options, and you don’t know what feels right for you.

Instead of getting caught up in the details, come back to what is important to you.

**What do you want your life to look and feel like? Do you want to work for yourself or to have flexible hours? Does taking risks light you up or do you prefer the feeling of security? What do you envisage your work/life balance looking like? How does your family factor in? Write this down. **

Be realistic about what’s feasible for you (i.e. unless money isn’t an issue, you’re going to need some kind of an income to get by), but be honest about what you really want. Getting back in touch with what is important to you can help you to find the right motivation to take action and propel you out of a rut.


2 Dream Big


Too often we feel stuck because we unconsciously impose limits on ourselves.

We don’t think we have the qualifications, the experience, the willpower, the ability, the confidence or the money to achieve whatever it is we want to achieve. And these self-imposed limits hold us back. They make us feel as though we have no choice but to just accept where we are.

So, if **money, time, qualifications, skills, talent, your expectations, others’ expectations or your past was no issue… what would you want to do? Write down ALL of these limitless dreams and look out for the ones that make you feel tingly with excitement—these are the ones to pursue. **


3 Don’t get caught up in the ‘how’


Getting caught up in ‘how’ holds you back. How will I afford it? How will I find time? How will I get it off the ground? How, how, how, how, how?

‘How’ is your mind trying to protect you. When you dream big and it feels so far away from where you are now, your mind seeks to make a sensible path from here to there. And when it can’t make a sensible path, it wants to keep you safe. Not being able to answer those ‘hows’ leads to an overwhelming doubt that will stop you from failing—but it can also stop you from trying at all.

The thing about ‘how’ is this. You won’t know the how until you’re doing it. Sometimes you must take the leap and grow your wings on the way. You never know what might happen if you began to pursue this dream—who you might meet or the places it might lead you to. The ‘how’ isn’t up to you. Don’t let the ‘how’s’ hold you back.

4 Recognize that being stuck is part of the growth process


If you’re feeling stuck, I encourage you to reflect on how you may be holding yourself back internally. Acknowledge those parts of yourself that are terrified you’ll fail, get it wrong or embarrass yourself. Thank these worry thoughts for helping to keep you safe. Let them voice their concerns and then turn the volume down. You don’t need them to move forward.

What I have learned through my life is that every success is build upon a thousand of failures or opportunities to learn and I like to think of them. Its always a good idea to discuss your doubts with a good friend , mentor or colleague and just listen to what they have to say. If you need a coach mentor, reach out to one or lets talk!



5 Start small


When you’re cleaning your house, you don’t do all the rooms at once. You might start in the kitchen with ‘that’ drawer that seems to collect all-the-things. Then you move on to the bathrooms, the living room and into the bedrooms. Or maybe the order is different for you. It doesn’t matter. The point is, we start small and slowly work our way around the house.

Do the same when you’re feeling stuck. Start with the smallest, tiniest change you can think of. Then add another and another and another.

Eventually you will end up somewhere else entirely. Maybe you’ll barely even notice how you got there, yet your whole life may have transformed in the process.


Finally remember to get out, get some fresh air, take a class - this is often when the best ideas come.


I really hope these tips help you believe stay motivate and chase your dreams.

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