Why a Signature Program is a must have in your business

15th of November, 2022


Why a Signature Program is a must have in your Business


What is a signature program? Why should you have one?


Why should having a signature program matter to you and your business?


Let’s approach it from a different angle.


What do you want to be known for? Where do you want to make your impact?


What makes you different from everyone else?


I’m guessing you are a lot clearer about this.

Your signature offer is simply the unique way that **you **deliver a transformation for your clients.


It coalesces your knowledge accumulated from years of experience in your industry into a detailed programme that gets your clients from where they are now to where they want to be.


It is the culmination of everything you have already done!


And I promise you, when you have it mapped out you feel so good.


There it is on paper, everything you do, everything you have learnt all brought together into one irresistible package.


I put together my signature program in XXXX and it made a real difference to me, my business, and how I viewed myself as a coach. It helped my business grow as I was so much more confident about how I can help women create a life and business they love.



So what are the benefits of having a signature program?


1. Get Clear On Your Own Super Powers


How do you stand out from the crowd? What makes you different? Creating your signature program does just that. You aren’t just another health coach or life coach when you have a signature program that uses your experience, your systems and your strategies to help clients achieve the results that you know are possible..


2. Become The Expert


Your signature program will become synonymous with you and your business. This is how you build your reputation as an expert in your niche, and become the ‘go-to-person’ on this topic.


3. Stop Trading Time For Money


With a signature program, you’ll be able to charge for delivering results, instead of by the hour. This means that your income won’t be limited by the number of hours you have available to work with clients. Let’s be honest, this is appealing to all of us!


4. Delivery Becomes Easier


If you feel like you are winging it with each client, then you are in need of a signature program. It will give you your framework of how you support your clients. You will know exactly where to start, what you want to cover and where to go next. No more ricocheting from idea to idea, or last minute scrambles to create content..


5. Have a Deeper, More Lasting Impact


Finally, for me the most compelling reason to have a signature program is that it allows you to have a lasting impact and help change women’s lives for the better. Someone who reads your blog and follows you on socials isn’t going to get the full benefits of your expertise. Working with people 1to1 via your signature program is how you will change lives, as you can support your clients more deeply and deliver a transformation that improves their life for good. This is why we do what we do.


The question isn’t why should you have a signature program, but why wouldn’t you want one!

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