Setting New Goals for Every Quarter

1st April, 2022


Yes its so hard to believe that we are one quarter into the year and on the cusp on quarter tow. The past months there were a lot of things going on around the world that made me pause and rethink a few things. In this post I am sharing though on how to set your goals for Q2 and every quarter. I personally treat every quarter as a mini year when it comes to planning-. 90 days keep me better connected and clear on where I am with my goals and less overwhelmed. It also helps me decide where I focus my energy and when I need to set boundaries.

My approach is really short - but it works.

So here are my tips:

Set aside some time in your diary minimum 30min to reflect on the last 3 months if you haven’t already.

-What went well ?
-What and who are you grateful for ?
-What where your achievements?
-What challenges did you face and what did you learn?

For Q2 now:

Before setting goals take some time to brainstorm what your you want for q2 , how do you want to feel, what can you improve , what can you lear. At this stage dont overthink , just write down what is coming up for you.

Now, go back to your big goals for the year if you have set some - if not take some time to do it and remember to dream big.

Choose to focus on 3 goals for the next 3 months .

This will help you focus, get clarity and avoid overwhelm.

How to start ?

Write down the 3 goals you really want to achieve for the next 3 months and why. Writing down your why will really support you in challenging times. One work goal One health goal One personal goal

Choose one habit for each goal that will support your goals. Ideally choose 1 habit that you can do daily- even if its really small - for example going to bed 30min earlier, waking up and taking 10 breaths , its magic how it can support you and really become part of who you are.

Then 3 the actions steps you need to take under each goal with an end date.

Last but not least write a letter to yourself after doing the exercises and date it 31st December 2022. Write down how you feel the tings that you made happen this year and how excited you are about getting closer to living your dream life.

Finally remember to take small steps daily towards your goals and also embrace every imperfection as well as any obstacle that comes your way - because its these things that make life beautiful.

I hope you found my tips valuable x

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