5 Tips to Build Strong Business Foundations

4th April, 2022


Starting and growing a business can be challenging, lonely and overweening but also joyful and rewarding.

I get asked from my clients and friends how did you manage to build your own business having twins and in a new country ?

To be honest I struggled to figure our where to begin as there where so many things that need to be done.

Firstly I want to say here… everything is possible if you really want it and by taking small steps!

So let say that you have a service or product Business idea whats next ? or that you are in early stages of Business (1-2 years) as this is a great time to get “serious” about your business and actually understanding that its not a hobby.

Here are 5 essential foundational strategies that you need to figure out.

Your main job as a Business Owner is to get as clear as you can on what you want from your business and why and to also have patience and enjoy the journey.

You can have the best marketing strategies in the world, but if you don’t have the core foundations of your business in place, it’s going to be really difficult to get people to convert into customers.

There are 5 core foundational pieces that you need to figure out in order to build a successful business:

1. Your Business Vision , Mission , Purpose and Values

Your Business Vision is you allowing your self to Dream Big and Visualize your ideal business scenario. Its the future of your Business!

Your Business mission is what is at the heart and soul of your business and the transformation that you’re getting for people.

Your Business values are the driving forces that help you make decisions based on what if important to you- they are your culture.

Your Business purpose . Why did you start your business in the first place ? Why are you doing what you are doing/.

If you are crystal clear on these core elements business you will be able to stay on track when growing your business.

2. Your “ Zone of Genius” & Offer

This is about getting at the core of who you uniquely are - what are your strengths? things you care about what you want and enjoy in life. What is your expertise ? What is the unique product or service that you are offering ? and why should someone choose to buy from you or work with you.

That will help you create an offer that is will position you as an expert in your field.

If you are offering a service ask your self :

How can I best help my clients ?
What solutions am I offering to them ?
What is the transformation they are getting ?

If you are selling a products ask your self ?

What is the uniqueness of my product ?
How does this product help people ?
How does my product make people feel ?

3. Your audience

Now that you are clear on the why and what its time to get clear on your ideal customer.

The people you’re speaking to. Who are they ? In other words who is your ideal client ? The more you understand and know them, the more you can communicate with them in a powerful, compelling and engaging way - and that is how they will choose to buy from you.

Once those people discover you, how will you get them to really like what your business is all about? What kind of experiences will you create to encourage them to become fans, followers, email subscribers?

Figure out who your ideal client is, learn their unique needs, develop solutions for their needs.

Tip :Remember you cant serve or sell to everyone !

4. Connection & Message

Connection is a key ingredient for success - you need to start leading your self first but also your audience through unprecedented levels of change and transformation.

Connect with your self first, be honest about what matters to you and what brings you joy. Then connect with your ideal clients and explain what you offer or do.

How can you connect with your ideal clients ?

In networking events ?

Through social media ? If yes which platform ? Choose the one that works for you.

Becoming part of a community of likeminded people or a membership

Once you have identified where your ideal clients are connect with them in an authentic way. Your message is important for generating awareness but also memorability.

5. Goals and Planning

I created the Life Planner in order to support women put pen to paper and get clear about their focus. Use a Planner that works for you.

Set realistic goals for your business and make sure that you plan and schedule everything.

Create quarterly goals - 90 day goals that are less overweening and easier to achieve.

Set 3 weekly non negotiable priorities.

Create action steps for each goal with an end date.

Ideally, get support a coach or a mentor that can hold you accountable

Finally , remember to take small steps - celebrate your wins and ask for help if you need too.

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