Why a Planner is an indispensable part of your Business

27th of November, 2022


Plan your way to Success with a Planner Practice


Do you have big dreams for your business, but then find you get distracted easily and your focus gets lost?



Do you feel under pressure that you are behind with the weekly tasks and can’t ever catch up enough to work on the projects that you’re passionate about?



Have you thought about working with a planner to help you intentionally create your ideal life and business, without the hustle and overwhelm?


My planner is an indispensable part of my business? Why?


Well it holds a lot of essential information-, namely everything I need to do, and where I need to be. If it’s not in my planner it doesn’t happen!


More importantly, it is a crucial part of my wellbeing tool kit.


It’s how I reduce the feelings of stress and overwhelm, and boost my creativity and inspiration.


For some reason, many of us think if we keep everything in our heads, we are smarter. Unfortunately it has the opposite effect.We overwhelm our brain with to do lists and dates to remember. We start forgetting things, stress increases, and everything feels harder. Crucially you are making it harder for your brain to be creative and take in new information.


If you write down all of those meetings, due dates, appointments, holidays, and to-do lists you are actually freeing up your brain to think creatively.


No longer will your brain have to remember everything, you have it in a safe place that you can refer to at any time - your planner.


Try putting everything in your planner for a few weeks and you’ll be amazed at how much easier it is to write that blog, remember information from a course, and think more clearly. The ideas will suddenly start to flow!


Now you could use a digital planner for this, but I will always champion a paper planner as the better choice to support your wellbeing.


There is something cathartic about using a paper planner when huge chunks or our time are spent on screens, whether we are scrolling through our phone, working on the laptop or watching movies with the kids.


We are giving our poor eyes a welcome break from the digital world. No more multiple tabs open on a computer and the distraction of notifications. Instead it is just you and a blank page.


The act of writing is like zen for your busy mind, and you’re more likely to remember things you write out. Taking the time each day to write down all of your appointments, tasks and goals is worth every minute.


It will save you time and stress when you have a real plan for the day/week and aren’t scrambling to figure out what needs to be done.


I always recommend taking a few minutes each evening before bed to plan your next day, and if you can, some time each Sunday evening to plan your upcoming week. You will find your mind is clearer and more free time will surface.


A great planner will also prompt you to step back and look at the bigger picture, so you don’t get lost in the minutiae of the everyday. If you’re going to be planning out each day, you should also be thinking about each month as an overview. My planner includes monthly and quarterly check ins, prompting you to take time to regularly review your goals for the year. What is working? What is getting in the way? What do you need to let go of?


Taking the time to do this is something I look forward to, it is part of my CEO time, an integral part of running my business and life, and ensuring I am fulfilling my purpose, and doing what fills me with joy.


I want this for you! So grab yourself a planner and a pen, sit yourself down, and empty everything in your head onto paper. Clarity and creativity lies on the other side!


Working with a planner can help you to be more strategic, break down your big goals into smaller action steps, celebrate and track milestones and reflect on your life and business .


Your planner can help you to be discerning about any new opportunities or projects that pull at your focus. You can decide whether you want to stick to your plan or make changes – yes your plans can be flexible!


Finally, as ambitious business owners, we are often driving our business forward and rarely take time to reflect and  celebrate our wins.


When you can celebrate every single win, big and small, along the way, it will boost your confidence and give you courage. Your planner can help you collect evidence along the way of what’s going well.


So enjoy the journey and check out


My Modern Life Planner which is designed to help you intentionally design and create your ideal vision for your life and business and stay focused on manifesting it throughout the year.


Being consistent is key to success in anything. The planner will help you to spread your projects out over the year and set quarterly and monthly goals as well as be clear on your weekly priorities, while planning your self care.

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