Why a business & wellness retreat is the reset we all need

7th June, 2022


What is your day to day like as an entrepreneur? Are you juggling multiple commitments; your business, parenting, caring for relations, running a household? Is running your business just one aspect of your busy and full life?


All too often the weeks can rush by and you haven’t had time to stop and reflect. Instead, you are stuck dealing with the daily to-do list and are trapped in your comfort zone, speaking to the same people, doing the same things, and not making the big progress that you dream of.


How often are you able to connect with other people in similar industries? Are you stuck in your own head? Remote working has many benefits but it can leave us feeling isolated and missing a sense of community.


A business and wellness retreat is a reset that you need. 


A business retreat is about taking an intentional vacation to focus on your business and health. It is a chance to create a lasting impact in your business, by disconnecting from every day and breaking the cycle of the treadmill. A retreat will help you get some distance and do the big thinking that is essential to flourish and thrive.


Have you been stuck in a creative rut? That frustrating feeling when the ideas are not coming? A change of scene, new company, and permission to dream could be just what you need to unlock your next big idea.


Studies have shown that doing nothing, daydreaming, and relaxing is key to creative insights and innovative breakthroughs. The positive emotions that we feel on a connected and fun retreat make us more inventive and able to think outside the box. This is why if you’re struggling to define a clear direction for your business, or your previous goals aren’t working the way you’d hoped, going on a business retreat can be the perfect answer.


The location of your retreat matters. There is a reason why retreats are usually held in stunning locations - it is to get you away from the busyness that is the everyday working environment for many of us. Trying to focus on all the activities and bustle of everyday life can mentally drain us. Spending time in nature gives the cognitive part of our brain a break, allowing us to focus better. The benefit is that you are in a relaxed, creative, and focused state. This means you will better process new information. The workshops and conversations you have at a retreat will have a deeper impact on your growth. 


And what of the people? The Clarity Journey business and wellness retreat that I recently co-organized in Mykonos Greece created a safe space for women to connect and collaborate in a non-judgmental way.


You will be surrounded by like-minded women, with whom you can swap ideas, and share challenges and solutions. It is a unique opportunity to access the knowledge and experience of peers and mentors that you may otherwise never come across who will inspire and re-energize you and connect you to your higher purpose.


Build connections that last forever.


It is likely that the relationships you form mean you will leave a retreat with a new business bestie and support squad who will help you stay motivated long after your trip is over.


A retreat is a meaningful opportunity for you to pause, reflect and reset. 


Will you be making time for a business and wellness retreat this or next year?

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