Mid Year Business Reset

21st of July, 2022


Taking time this summer for a mid-year reset


It’s July, summer is here and suddenly we are halfway through the year.


Have you got where you wanted to this year? Have new opportunities opened up that you couldn’t have even imagined 6 months ago? What has changed for you?


Cast your mind back to January, and the goals that you set then. Can you remember what they were? Have you got them written down somewhere?


All too often we rush ahead with the next thing on our to do list, both in life and business. We get stuck in the **doing **without taking the time to pause and reflect.


Are the tasks that are taking up your precious time the things that will help you reach your goals? Or are you getting distracted with the minutiae?


July is the perfect time to do a mid-year reset, to take time out from your day to day to reflect, journal, and uncover what matters most to you.


How to start


Take a piece of paper and write out all those goals from the beginning of the year. Rewriting them will help you reconnect with each goal


Which ones have you ticked off with ease?

Which ones have you abandoned?

Which ones have you struggled to get started with?


Dig into the ones you are struggling with. Are they still aligned with your vision? It’s very common to change priorities throughout the year, and old goals which no longer serve you fall away. There’s no shame in this.


Are practical considerations or mindset blocks holding you back?


These can be solved. Rather than looking at the whole goal, break it down into smaller tasks. What would be a small first step that you can take? That would count as progress but does not feel overwhelming. Perhaps it is watching a Youtube Video on how to use the tech, or booking a call with your coach to work through your mindset blocks. Jot down some ideas.


Then take time to look ahead to the next 6 months. These are my questions for you:


☀️ What would you like to feel MORE this year?

☀️ What would you like to have achieved by the end of this year?


Use your journal to write down everything and anything that comes to mind as you consider these questions.Empty your brain. Get it all out on paper


Break Time!


You’ve done the hard work now. Treat yourself to a stretch, and some fresh air, ground yourself in your garden, and fetch a glass of water.


This will reduce the overwhelm, help bring you clarity and reset your energy. Then you can return to your notes and work out how to take action.


Take Action


Cast your eye over your notes. My guess is that it will already be pretty clear about what your top 3 goals are - the ideas that will fill you with excitement, curiosity and anticipation.


Write down your top 3 goals and the actions you need to take.


Then this is a key step - share your top 3 with a friend that will keep you accountable.


Together you can motivate each other, and keep each other on track. This works for me every time, it is much more joyful to celebrate successes with someone else.


Dreams don’t work unless you do”  - John Maxwell


You’ve got this.


This is my wish for you, to finish the year feeling satisfied, accomplished, and joyful.

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