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Launching and growing a business can be challenging, but the key to success is realizing that you don't have to do it on your own. I’m here to support you build a sustainable and profitable business. This means building confidence, creating a positive mindset and having clear strategies and systems, knowing who you really are, and working effectively towards clear goals.



The job of a Life Coach is to walk beside you, helping you to build your own inner resources. One of the most important things to understand and remember throughout this process is that you are in control of your own life.

Personal coaching provides a fully confidential and safe space for you to explore your deepest questions with someone who will support and listen to you without judgment.

I will empower you to uncover your self-limiting beliefs, provide a fresh perspective and a positive view on challenging situations, and help you to create an action plan that will generate long lasting change in all areas of your life, with the goal to grow into your full potential.

Passionate about my coaching work, I like to have fun with my clients and get to the core of the problem, supporting you towards finding a solution in a creative way!


"Dream. Plan. Do."

The Core - Signature Program

Create and Grow a Business You Love

✨ Introducing my Signature Program ✨  

A THREE-MONTH ONE-ON-ONE coaching and mentoring Program to help you focus on the “right” things.

120 days of business mentoring for Creative Lifestyle & Wellness Business Owners.

The Create and Grow A Business You Love coaching program is for highly motivated, high-potential female entrepreneurs who want to make an impact.

This three-month one-on-one coaching program is filled with practical strategies and systems to help you build a meaningful, profitable, successful business.

This program provides business knowledge and assistance as well as helping you align your personal vision with your business vision to use your strengths and experience, move past your fears and create a business that brings you joy.


But…you need to have the right foundations to build a sustainable business.

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Have you ever felt like...

◆ One day you are on top of the world, determined to make your dreams come true and the next day you feel totally lost and confused?

◆ You’re overwhelmed by the sheer amount of things to do?

◆ You’re not sure what to promote or launch?

◆ You don't have a signature offer or product?

◆ You have got a million ideas and you’re not sure which one to pursue first?

◆ You keep getting bogged down in the bitty details?

◆ You don't have the right systems in place to allow you to flourish and grow?

◆ You started your business to have more freedom and a life you love, but feel trapped and frustrated?

◆ You have a lack of clarity and struggle with prioritizing tasks?

I have been there myself.

I have spent the last few years figuring out how to run a business and make money doing what I love.

I have always had a desire for freedom and to make an impact with both the people close to me and the wider business world.

During my journey I realized I am passionate about supporting women entrepreneurs to dream bigger, understand their strengths, align themselves with their business and create the life they dream of.

I have been a coach since 2017 and nothing lights me up more than helping my clients achieve abundant success.

From an early age I have been obsessed with people, community, human potential and chasing big dreams.

I specialize in working with highly motivated women like you - who want more for themselves whether that’s opportunities in business, visibility in their communities, pursuing a passion project, creating crystal clear goals or launching a new product.

It is your time to shine – and I am here to help you!

Remember the power lies within you.

My expertise lies in helping people get crystal clear on their life and business vision, levering their skills sets, leveling up their mindsets and creating clear action plans towards their goals by taking small steps.

I understand and appreciate that our time together is an investment and my goal is to get priceless results.

I want to support you fill in the gap between where you are right now and where you want to be.

Starting and growing your own business needs time and dedication if you want to build a sustainable business with the right foundations .


What is the key to achieving this?


◆ Focusing on your priorities.

◆ Creating a plan and taking regular action steps towards it.

◆ Having accountability

You don't need to do it all alone!


Over the 120 days together we will work on what is needed to Create And Grow A Business you Love.

Phase 1 - Gain Clarity

◆ Your vision for yourself and your business - taking you from Dreaming Big to Clear Action Steps

◆ Your values and your strengths

◆ Your purpose and mission

◆ Who you serve and how

Phase 2 - Learn

◆ How to stand out from the crowd and be recognized as an expert

◆ How to create irresistible programs that sell and attract your dream clients

◆ How to launch and sell these products/programs sustainably

◆ How to get comfortable with selling what you have created

Phase 3 – Connect

◆ Connecting with yourself first and all that is important when you are the CEO of your business

◆ Developing the mindset to ensure that you are consistent and present with your strategy and content

◆ Connecting with and growing a community of like-minded people who will help your business thrive


Investment: 1,100 CHF

Or 3X Monthly Installments: 380chf

By joining this program you will get clarity on what matters most, learn how to make rapid progress in your business and connect with yourself and your community:

What is included:


◆ 1 x 60 minute introductory session

◆ 3 x 120 minute sessions

◆ Accountability & support in between

◆ 1 x 60 minute follow up call after the program is finished

◆ Workbooks and coaching tools

Ready to join Create & Grow the Business you Love Program?

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Fully booked until January 2024

Who am I?

I’m Monia, I am a Life & Business Coach, Wellness Event Consultant and Creator of The Life Planner. I am passionate about helping women creating a life and business they love with joy and confidence.


Why I created this?

• I created this program because as a female entrepreneur I know what it feels like to be highly motivated to achieve a far-off vision but not know how to get there.
• I understand what a lonely road it can be as the CEO and founder of your own business and how hard that can feel
• Having been there many times before I’ve discovered what works and what doesn’t. I can keep you highly motivated, and help you deliver your vision and fulfill your potential

I can help you transition from the start up rollercoaster to a place where you grow and flow your business with ease

My commitment to you

I believe that every female entrepreneur deserves a trusted mentor and coach to help her reach her full potential. It’s not about fixing or changing but instead it’s about nurturing, encouraging and supporting you on your journey to running a profitable, sustainable and successful business . I will be your cheerleader and keep you accountable.

I believe that understanding yourself, your strengths and your abilities allows you to be the strong capable leader that you are, grounded in the knowledge that you already have everything inside of you that you need to succeed. I will help you make lasting change so you can build a strong foundation from which to grow.. Above all this program will inspire you to take care of yourself because you are the most important asset within your business. The Create A Business You Love Program will give you clarity and confidence to grow a sustainable business and allow you to Dream Big!

This program will inspire you to take care of yourself because you are the most important asset within your business. The Create A Business You Love Program will give you clarity and confidence to grow a sustainable business and allow you to Dream Big!

I believe in you and your ability to create a life and business with impact.


I want to walk with you on your journey of creating an inspiring successful business that will make a positive impact on our world.


This sample session does NOT oblige you to sign up for the program! It’s just to let me know that you’re exploring the possibility of us working together, so we can discover whether we are a good fit for each other.



◆ I believe in you and I want you to do the same

◆ I am passionate about working with female entrepreneurs to help them share their unique gifts and ideas with the world

◆ With the right guidance, support, and action I know that you can do anything that you desire

◆ I want to walk with you on your journey of creating an inspiring successful business that will make a positive impact on our world

◆ By understanding your strengths, identifying your values, using your skills and experience and aligning them with your purpose you will create a business more incredible than you ever imagined!

◆ Take a leap, trust yourself and amazing things will happen!


"Having known Monia many years I chose her as my life coach because I knew she would be amazing, due to her kind nature and positive energy. She always made me smile and feel motivated, even just meeting as friends. Monia has coached me a few times in my life. At first I was expecting a session with Monia where she would advise me directions to take to make my life happy. She instead taught me how to choose my own directions and grow as a person. I discovered the joy setting goals and achieving them can bring. Since taking coaching sessions, I have realised my core values in life, which has in turn, taken me back to my yoga roots and career after having a baby. It has also helped me strengthen relationships with my family.Thank you Monia, you’re an inspiration."


"Working with Monia is a privilege. She is an extremely committed coach, who leads full with her heart. She is very authentic and has got a clear vision on her working style and audience. Every time after our one on one sessions on Zoom I feel energised and committed. She really has got the super power to get the best out of her clients with her assertive communication and descriptive questions. She’s a true global citizen who brings her experience to work with clients worldwide. I know when I work with Monia I’m getting the best partner and her clients get a real champion."


"1 to 1 coaching with Monia has taken my confidence and skills to a new level in my personal life, as well as for my business. She has helped me break my goals down into manageable time frames and assign actions that bring results. I now feel better equipped with the tools I need to organize my time, reflect on my goals regularly and celebrate the little wins along the way (rather than dwelling on what I haven't accomplished). Monia is a wonderful, compassionate coach who has truly helped me change my mindset for the better!"


"Feeling a little lost in my entrepreneurship I reached out to Monia. With her positive energy and empathetic personality Monia supported me to get my goals and strengths crystal clear, both personally and professionlly. The coaching sessions and resources Monia provided were extremely valuable.I now feel empowered by clarity and confident by a solid foundation to take the next steps in both my personal growth and business development. Monia is a lovely, warm and engaging person and I can only highly recommend working with her to find clarity and balance in your life purpose.



GROW- 6 Month Coaching and Business Mentoring Package

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Grow is a 1:1 program that takes your business from stagnated to prospering in a way that feels good to you and your life

This is for you if:

- you have been in business for 1-3 years

- you are looking to scale and systemize sustainably

- you are determined to make your business work

- you want to create a strategy that will help you up-level

Over 6 months we’ll work together on what’s needed to enable your business and to reach the next level so you can:


◆ Get clear on your big vision & business model
◆ Re evaluate your product or service offers and prices
◆ If launching - your complete blueprint to launch
◆ Formulate an aligned plan you’ll actually action
◆ Build a high-impact, scalable expert brand that consistently attracts clients
◆ Create a signature offer that sells
◆ Know where to focus your time, energy and resources and get sustainable results
◆ Grow your team

Getting what you want from your business (and your life) starts with you.

Together, we will unlock the next level of success for your business, and your life. One-on-one coaching requires commitment and perseverance. You will benefit from focused attention on upgrading your mindset, clarifying your intentions and vision for growth, and taking actionable steps to reach those goals.

Please note: My six-month program is designed exclusively for people who are committed to their personal development and growth and are looking to build a powerful, profitable, and soul-led business.

Package consists of:

◆ Pre-coaching questionnaire & a Welcome Pack
◆ 4-hour business immersion day *(via zoom or in person) including lunch.
◆ 6 x 90min calls to be held over 6 months online via zoom
◆ WhatsApp and email support: response within 24 hours
◆ Accountability


I’m passionate about working with women who want to make an impact, helping them get from where they are to where they want to be. It’s time to put the systems and support in place that will help you be productive and grow your ability to focus on the stuff that matters. That’s what up-leveling means.

The focus of these sessions will be led by you and what you need most from our time together to progress and shift. Informed by what we have laid out in the initial business immersion day, every session will leave you with clear action steps to take, together with detailed notes sent to you after our time together to keep you on track.

I work with people over a six-month period because I believe that gradual change takes time. I also believe an enjoyable, sustainable business evolves with time and I want to support you on that journey.


Investment: 1,900 CHF

Or 4X Monthly Installments: 480 CHF


Fully Booked until March 2024

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The VIP Business Coaching Day

with Monia Pyraki

The VIP Business Coaching Day is an exclusive, bespoke event where we work together 1 to 1 on what is most important for you and your business right now. You get 4 hours of intensive, focused and conscious coaching, visioning, and planning – and 1 on 1 private access to all I have to offer as a coach and mentor.

The VIP Business Coaching Day is personalized to you, your work, your energy, your life, and your business. We look at your business together and come up with the small shifts and big changes that you can make to your business and step into your inner CEO.

Together, we will work to identify what is going well for your business and where there’s room to add more value, create an irresistible offer or product and make profit.


2 Spots - March, 2024

2 Spots - April, 2024

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At the end of the VIP Business Coaching Day you’ll leave with:

Clarity on where you’re headed and why. You’ll be reconnected to your vision and know what the next steps are.

A doable step by step action plan on what to do and when, in the form of visual notes that will be completely customized to you.

Resources, checklists, templates so you can get straight on with achieving results’ for your business.

The gift of understanding your strengths and purpose, and being empowered to take inspired action.

Excitement, joy and confidence about your business and your vision for the future.

This is for you if:

◆ You are ready and willing to dive deep and focus on you and your business

◆ You have a business idea and want clarity on your target audience

◆ You want to launch a product or service

◆ You are prepared to create a strategic plan that works for you

◆ You want to create a lead magnet that attracts your ideal clients

◆ You are prepared to approach and work through any fears and blocks so that you can start creating more of what you want (and letting go of the things you don’t want)

◆ You want to create a signature offer and revenue streams

investment: 790 CHF 


Price is for one person -- additional team members will be charged at 100 CHF per person

What a typical day looks like:

You arrive around 9:30 am and we get settled.




The exploration begins – we look at all the different parts of your business: your market, your offerings, your marketing, your goals, your lifestyle, your vision, but above all your Big Dreams.


We work on the key ingredients in your bespoke action plan for moving forward .These ingredients include optimum ways for you to leverage your vision and why you went into business in the first place, along with the practical realities of making it happen.



We have have a 1 hour lunch break, and enjoy a nutritious, healthy meal together



We map out all the details of your business strategy to get you where you want to go



I will provide you with all the tools you need to take immediate action


A week or two after our VIP Day we schedule a 60 minute call to go over any questions and fine-tune your action plan. I’m also available for emails and short phone chats as you need them.

Why Me?

◆ I’m a true global citizen, I am Greek born, Swiss based and a mum of twins with a passion - to ignite joy, purpose and empowerment in women around the world

◆ I’ve managed high level corporate and international sporting events around the world

◆ I set up my own coaching business to empower women like you to dream big, connect with your vision and purpose and live a life full of joy

◆ I created and launched my own planner in 2021/2022, the Life Planner, designed to support women planning out their time, encouraging them to plan out time for self-care and also allow space for reflection. The Life Planner sold out in 14 days from launch

◆ I’ve worked with more than 50 coaching clients and nurtured them through life changing transformations

My commitment as a coach is to bring clarity, compassion and positive energy to our sessions. I will ensure everything is accessible, and broken down into steps which make sense to you, so that you have all the tools you need to affect real change.

I am excited about all the possibilities for you, and helping you step into who you are meant to be.

"1 to 1 coaching with Monia has taken my confidence and skills to a new level in my personal life, as well as for my business. She has helped me break my goals down into manageable time frames and assign actions that bring results."



The VIP Business Coaching Day includes:

◆ A welcome pack


◆ A pre-questionnaire - An in-depth goal setting set of questions that have incredible results


◆ 4 hours of 1 on 1 time including lunch break


◆ Templates, Checklists, and Workbooks to enable you to take immediate action


◆ Strategies, practical steps and shortcuts to help you achieve your business goals


◆ A 60 minute follow-up call


The VIP Business Coaching Day is usually held in Zurich, and all meals and refreshments are included.

By arrangement, I am happy to come to you for a VIP Day in your location; travel and other expenses are at your cost.

I usually work with one person at a time, but if you have a business partner or a significant other who is involved in your business, we can do a 2:1 session.

I offer only 2 VIP Days per month.


enquire here


Who is 1:1 Coaching For?

One-to-one coaching is for you if you are ready to live life to its full potential personally and professionally. Become clearer about your goals, work on a strategy and create an action plan that will lead you to a successful life.

What are the benefits of Coaching?

Through coaching you can expect great change. I will support you to clarify your goals, experience new insights and take action to move forward. I will empower you to live the life you desire, and I will be your mirror, reflecting any limitations that might be holding you back. You will gain clarity and lead your most authentic life by reaching your full potential and connecting with your core values and purpose.

Who do you work with?

I work with ambitious individuals from around the world who want to develop their own definition of success and achieve their goals by having support, tools and action plans in place.

Do I have to be based in Zurich to work with you ?

No, I use Zoom ( video calling ) and work with individuals and companies from around the world.

What happens in the Sample Session?

In the 45min of our sample session we will see if we are a good fit for each other. I will talk about what tools and structures I bring in my coaching and you will tell me more about you and what you wish for in your life and vision.

Are payment plans available?

Yes payment plans are available

Are the coaching packages refundable?

No refunds are offered.

"Create and Grow a Business you Love"