March 1-3, 2024

Athens Mini City Break - Growth Retreat

Join a collective of business owners, hosted by Monia Pyraki - founder of Monia Pyraki Coaching and Wellness with guest speakers - for a 2-day mini mastermind style retreat designed to help you build your inspiration & support network and develop rock solid goals and growth plans for 2024.


Spend two powerful days strategising 2024 growth.

This retreat is laser focused on taking your business to the next level. If you want to grow your business and create a clear strategy for 2024, this is the retreat for you! This retreat will bring together like-minded woman geared for personal, professional and business growth.

Spend 2 days away from your current reality in order to manifest what you want for your life and business, get inspiration, connect with like-minded people, create a strategy for your business and 2024 growth plans.


Kick-start your journey with a meticulously planned series of sessions geared towards setting the foundation for your success in 2024.


This includes getting out of your comfort zone, manifestation, goal-setting, business Strategy for 2024, and fostering connections. 


2 productive days of sessions followed by beautiful dinners for relaxation and reflections.

The Details

Dates: 1st - 3rd of March 2024

Location: Wellness Hub, Athens

Spaces: 8 spots Available - FULLY BOOKEDFULLY BOOKED

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Single Rooms

Price: 2100 chf

Includes two nights single room accommodation.

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Double Rooms

Price: 1700 chf per person (double room)

Includes two nights twin share accommodation.

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Retreat includes:

  • Business Strategy and Goal Planning Workshop by Monia Pyraki
  • Get Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable Workshop by Assem Klammsteiner
  • Visualisation and Manifestation: Your Dream Life and Business Workshop by Ana Maria Bowring
  • 2 dinners (a welcome dinner upon arrival and a beautiful dinner with the best Athens view the day after)
  • Breakfast & Lunch each day
  • Sound Bath Healing Journey
  • Transfers to workshop space and restaurants
  • A follow up zoom 2 hour call - a month after the retreat ends

What is NOT included :

  • Transport to the hotel from the airport ( Its easy and cheap to get a taxi from the Athens airport to the Hotel)
  • Flights

The Venues :

Meet The Team

Monia Pyraki

Business & Life Coach

Monia Pyraki is a dynamic entrepreneur and is the founder of Monia Pyraki Coaching and Wellness and the co-creator of my modern life planner.

With a degree in Business Management followed by ten years in the events industry experience, Monia studied to become a certified life coach.

Monia is passionate about helping woman create a life and business they love with ease. Monia is especially committed to supporting other women to grow and thrive in life and business.

Monia is a mum of twin boys, originally from Greece and based in Zurich. Monia has lived and worked in Qatar, London, Turin and Beijing . She loves travelling, wellness, good food and matcha lattes.

Paris Aggelika

Premium Wellness Retreat Founder

Paris Aggelika is the Founder and CEO of Premium Wellness, and has assembled a diverse, specialized team of expert professionals in the fields of health & wellness, fitness and more, to accompany and inspire people and act as your wellness guides in Greece.

Premium Wellness' mission is to listen to the needs of their clients and offer experiences that inspire and empower them on their journey to self-improvement.

Ana Maria Bowring

Certified Life Coach

Ana Maria Bowring, a Certified Life Coach, is renowned for her transformative approach to coaching, rooted in the firm belief that anything is achievable with a clear vision, positive energy, and unwavering commitment to action.

In the heart of Geneva, Ana has been running impactful Manifesting workshops where she shares the delightful mix of science and timeless wisdom. Her dedication to fostering connections and facilitating profound growth has left an indelible mark on the community.

At the core of Ana's mission lies a passion to empower women to manifest the life of their dreams. With a wealth of experience and expertise, she serves as a beacon of inspiration, guiding individuals towards realizing their full potential and unlocking their innate capabilities.

Assem Klammsteiner

Assem Klammsteiner is the founder and owner of Simply Soup, a boutique restaurant chain in the heart of Zürich, Switzerland.

She is a bookworm, a self proclaimed self-development junkie and a walker.

She is a mom of two and lives in Zürich since 14 years with her husband and two children. She loves chocolate, plant-based eating and warm summer rain.

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10% of the profit will be donated to the Action for Women Organization.

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In March we celebrate International Women's Day, and 10% of the retreat profit will be donated to Action for Women & the Pomegranate Project

Action for Women (AfW) is a women’s rights organisation, run for women and by women, active in Greece since January 2016. Our mission is to work towards a brighter tomorrow with women displaced by conflict and violence. We started the Pomegranate Project in Athens in 2020.

The Pomegranate Project is Greece’s first protection and empowerment model for the recovery, resilience and reintegration of displaced women into Greek society.

Gabrielle Tay is the founder and Director of Action for Women.
We will be donating 10% of the retreat profit to the Action for Women Organization

Her lifelong passion and commitment to women's rights led to the founding of Action for Women in the summer of 2015. She has worked on the Balkan route, Italy and Greece where she spent 20 months on the Aegean island of Chios. It was there she witnessed first hand how many of our fellow humans fleeing war and persecution were trapped in overcrowded and inhumane living conditions, and how navigating the sluggish asylum processes worsened their already fragile mental health.

Women's voices are particularly unheard and their needs specific to their gender were unmet. She opened the Athena Centre for Women on Chios in July 2016 - the first all-women space outside of official camp structures in Greece, that provides crucial services requested by vulnerable women resident of the camps in order to address the gaps in protection and incidents of gender-based violence.

Here is what to expect

  • Connection: The most life-changing thing about retreats is connecting with other business owners. This is where you get to create your community of like-minded business people to inspire and support each other for years to come. Past retreat attendees all say how incredible it is to find your tribe.
  • Inspiration: Learn from the guest speakers stories. Share Ideas. Discuss and workshop all the challenges your are facing, your new ideas, plans for growth and share your past successes with the group. Each attendee will have the opportunity for everyone to focus on their business ideas, and goals. This is a powerful way of overcoming challenges and setting up a path-way to success with the benefit of the group's ideas, past experiences and successes.
  • Action: Develop Plans. Plan your 2024 key priorities and map out how you are going to get there. We will brainstorm ideas for your business and determine which initiatives you should focus on in 2024 and map out exactly how you are going to get there and achieve your goals.
  • Recharge and Reset: You deserve a break, even for 3 days. You deserve some time for you. We have scheduled in time for rest and relaxation with a sound healing immersion and a visit to beautiful restaurant in Athens. This retreat is the antidote to your busy year.
  • Growth: Let's map it out together and have some fun in the process. You'll walk away with a solid plan for growth as well as the steps to take to get there. This is the fun part!

If you are ready to let go of anything that is holding you back and step into your power, this retreat is for you. Sometimes it just takes someone else to give you a boost. The daily schedule is jam-packed with inspiration, connection, manifestation and business motivation.

Our comprehensive programme and panel of experts are available to you throughout the intensive mastermind retreat to help you put into practice the things you need to grow your business, enabling you to overcome any obstacles and achieve remarkable success.

Don't miss out on this exclusive opportunity to achieve extraordinary results in growing your business.


The Schedule

Friday, 1st of March 2024 (start at 5pm):

  • Opening circle & Introductions: Paris Aggelika will talk about her Journey to creating Premium Wellness
  • Get comfortable with being uncomfortable Workshop by Assem Klammsteiner
  • Dinner

Workshop Details:

Get comfortable with being uncomfortable

"Sometimes the big change we want to see in our lives comes from doing small things that make you uncomfortable. Ask the question, write the email, call the person, jump into the un-known. Finding the courage in yourself to make the leap is often the only thing you need to do to see a result and more often than not we put this very thing off for another day because its uncomfortable. Nothing grows in your comfort zone. Take the leap, see the change"

Saturday, 2nd of March 2024:

  • Workshop 1: Visualisation and Manifestation: Your dream life and business by Ana Maria Bowring
  • Lunch
  • Workshop 2: Business Strategy and Goal Planning for 2024 by Monia Pyraki
  • Sound Bath
  • Dinner in Athens

Workshop 1 Details:

Visualisation and Manifestation: Your Dream life and Business

Explore the science of Manifesting through a business-oriented lens, acquiring powerful techniques to empower you in achieving professional and personal aspirations.

Immerse yourself in magnetic energy and foster deep connections with like-minded, ambitious women.

Ana's transformative insights and coaching extend beyond unlocking your full potential; they empower you to fall in love with the business you're in, enhancing both your professional and personal life.

Together, we will create space for our true desires, shedding what no longer serves us while cultivating a pro-found love for the business we are part of.

Dress code: Embrace the attire of your "future-self." The intentional act of dressing for success holds tremendous power, aligning with your aspira-tions and setting the stage for business triumphs.


Workshop 2 Details:

Business Strategy and Goal Planning for 2024


Plan your 2024 key priorities and map out how you are going to get there. We will brainstorm ideas for your business and determine which initiatives you should focus on in 2024 and map out exactly how you are going to get there and achieve your goals. 


Heightened confidence, clarity, and a reignited sense of excitement for your heart-based business and life goal setting.

Sunday, 3rd of March, 2024:

  • Business breakfast and sharing plans
  • Talk by Gabrielle Tay, founder and director of Action for Women: The Pomegrade Project
  • Closing and Goodbyes by 12pm

Ready to book your space?

Price : 2100 per person (single room) fully booked

Price : 1700 per person (double room) fully booked

Includes two nights accommodation



Where should I fly to?

You fly to Athens International Airport 1st of March and depart 3rd of March, Aegean Airlines flies from most European cities directly to Athens and there are many direct flights from around the world as well. The retreat starts at 5PM on the 1st of March and finishes at 12pm on the 3rd of March.

Will I get 1:1 time with Monia or the Guest Speakers on the retreat?

We will do our work as a group so we can maximise the learnings and benefits for you

Will I have time to explore Athens?

Unfortunately this is an intensive mini retreat, so apart from the evening in a beautiful Athenian restaurant you will not have time, unless you book extra days on your own expense. Please feel free to get in touch with Monia if you need extra information or have questions.

Are flights included in the price?

Flights are not included in the retreat price please book your own and let us know if you have any questions

"Create and Grow a Business you Love"